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Remedial Massage

There are any conditions that can bring about an imbalance in the soft tissue structures of the body. Massage, through its physiological, mechanical and psychological effects can bring remarkable relief. This effect can be felt in those structures directly, or relief can be experienced indirectly in other areas.

Today, there is an increased demand for massage. This is due to modern “total body” healing methods utilising massage of selected structures as part of other therapies. It is clearly accepted that massage can lead to:

Reduction in stress or tension
An increase in flexibility
A reduction of pain
A feeling of “well being”

Remedial massage is indicated for back pain, arthritis, headache, joint and muscle pain, stiffness, sports injuries and sports performance and relaxation.


Aside from the relief from direct stimulation, other body structures benefit through better blood flow, better lymph flow and softening and loosening of scar tissue.

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